Gay Tentacles From Space!

Gay Tentacles From Space! - Charlotte Mistry Just the title.... it's gotta be read. I'm to damn curious. LOL!

A short story and a short BR with Alvin

**2 it was okay stars**

[b:Gay Tentacles From Space!|15990987|Gay Tentacles From Space!|Charlotte Mistry||21747216] was okay, so that's 2 stars according to GR rating.

I liked the anticipation in the beginning of the story with the docking of his spaceship and exploration of the wrecked one. I really like sci-fi and I got a real Alien the movie feel. *good shivers*

But the tentacles didn't do much for me. *disappointed* I get that it is hot, but I didn't find it hot, if you get the difference?

Would I recommend it? Sure :) YOLO! (You Only Live Once)