Cop Out

Cop Out - K.C. Burn **** 4,5 stars ****

Oh, this was so gooooood. Like slow developing romance, toppled with new realizations and coming to peace with them.


There is no mystery in this, no crime story. Kurt is a cop, but this story is about romance, not police work. Actually, I just finished listening to Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford before this one, and the two books can't be more different. Dirty Kiss focuses on solving a crime mystery with a bit of romance on top, Cop Out is just romance. They are both good, but in their own way. I did prefer Cop Out, though, hence the higher rating.

Don't let the cover fool you. This isn't a smexy, sweaty hot cop story. here's not a lot of sex in this book, which was fine, because this book is not about sex, it's about feelings and relationships and grief and healing and... much more. The blurb is spot on. And it is a pleasure listening to both character grow and develop.

I loved Kurt, the MC's POV, and his huge Irish family. His mother and father have the accent which the narrator nails. Davy was such a sweet and great character, and my heart really ached for him along side Kurt as he discovers more and more about him.

It was so heartwarming.
A very recommended book (audio)!