Top Men (Hero Series)

Top Men (Hero Series) - G.A. Hauser Alvin peaked my interest with this status update:
Two very hot policemen who likes doing it while on call? In public??? Oh gosh that is so wild!!!

My review:

***3 hope-not-every-cop-is-like-these-guys stars***

Alvin's review was spot on, so I'll keep this short.

Part of this book was pretty hot (aggressive sex (on the point of fighting) with lots of dirty talk, oh yes!) But I found the book had an affect on my moral compass. The way these hot cops handled their guns (and I'm not talking about that thing in them pants mmmm'key) was uncomfortable and inappropriate. I felt my mother ehm... hen-ness raise her back and stick out her very pointy finger and wave "No-no-no, absolutely not alright."

Like this... (not plot spoiling btw)
As they kissed, a small rap was heard at the door.
“Uh, guys?”
They parted lips and panted as they stared at the closed door.
“What, Aura (Mickey's sister btw)?” Mickey asked.
“There’s a loaded gun on the kitchen floor.”
Mickey pulled out of Jeff quickly, tugging the condom from his spent cock. “I’ll go. You wash up.”
Jeff drew his shorts up his legs. “Thanks.”

Also, they way they were going at it on the job. In their car and such was okay, but giving a blowjob in someone elses home? Can you imagine? In your own private home? And then the owners walking in on it? Eeek. No, no, no. It was a gay couple who lived there, and they found it hot, but I think "porn plot" more than anything else.

ps. I read this serie out of order. I started with this #3, didn't find it a problem having not read #1 and #2.