Zero at the Bone

Zero at the Bone  - Jane Seville What a great one!

D totally stole my heart.
Awwww, it was so good witnessing his "transformation".
He really had a special "voice":

"Jus hold me a little longer, Jack. Tell me again that ya wanna be with me, fer real, cross yer heart ‘n’ let me know you ain’t foolin’, cause I dunno how or when it happen but somehow I come ta need ya like air, like blood. Touch me again like ya do with them gentle hands make me feel like somethin’ precious. Say it again that ya love me, cause hearin’ that was like openin’ up some big bottomless well that ran dry years back and it cain’t never be full enough now, I cain’t never hear it enough, but once more, one more time and maybe I’ll believe it a little more, and then a little more the next time, till someday I believe it fer true enough ta be able to say it back ta you like y’oughta hear it said cause God knows I love you more’n my own life, more’n anythin’ in this world, but it cain’t get outta me yet cause I still ain’t the man I need ta be, the man who’s gonna stand before you and declare."


One tiny thing though... I thought there would be more "action" in this judging by the cover and blurb, but it was more suspense and a romance story. No complaints though :)

There's actually some short stories about them also
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