Guarded - Cat Grant, L.A. Witt ***3 halfway-there stars*** Also, some spoilers....

Oh, and apparently this is everybody loves, but me..

I liked this book, but I didn't love it. It didn't quite get there. Where actually there is I don't, but I know it didn't get there, just halfway.

This book had three aspects. Jordan as a lead singer in a rock band, Jase and Jordan's kinky/bdsm relationship and Daniel's addiction. So is it a rock star book? Is it a bdsm book? Is it about addiction? I realized it was about ALL of these things together, but at the same time I feel they were only dealt with halfway.

Jordan is the lead singer in a very popular and successful rock band called No Rules. Also part of the band is Jordan's childhood friend Daniel and some "other guys". The "other guys" as they are referred to, are like some shadowy background figures with not much function. Aren't they supposed to be a band on tour? Another band member, Milo, is mention in the beginning, but he is more Daniel's babysitter than anything else. Apparently the band draw tens of thousands of people to their concerts. So is Guarded meant to be a story about a rock band? I didn't feel it. It was just halfway there.

Jase was not what I would call a good Dom. Well, actually I felt he was trying to play the part instead of actually being one. Oh, he dominated Jordan and their interactions were really hot. But their D/S relationship? Also felt halfway there. Why didn't they talk about limits? Why didn't they talk about punishment? That's very basic for bdsm. I mean, safe, sane and consensual. In one scene Jordan gets punished for talking back to Jase. Which he does on several occasions, but this time he's suddenly punished? He got six strokes, with the cane. They haven't even tried the cane before and the first time Jordan is introduced to it is for punishment? *shakes head* Also, the party was a really hot read (oh yeah!), but it felt like a really hard crash course in bdsm when Jordan hadn't tried any of it before. No talk about limits beforehand or anything! Sure, Jordan got a safe word before they went in, but after the single tail scene he was flying so high I don't think he was capable to utter the safe word if he, wanted to. *shakes head again* So the bdsm theme was there, but it felt halfway.
Jordan's kink, breath play

Even reading about Daniel's addiction felt half way. It was kind of predictable (of course he OD'd, of course he manipulated Jordan, of course he got depressed, of course he killed him self (sorry, harsh I know, of course Jordan almost self destructed...). But also very sad and heart wrenching. *big fat tears* Daniel's behavior (depression) after coming out of rehab was like "copy-paste" what Jase had told Jordan about his previous boyfriend Eric's behavior right before he killed himself, so how they did not see that coming?

*sigh* I wish the author(s) could have concentrated on ONE (or maybe two) aspect and get that story fully there (where ever there is ;)). I think it could have been so much better! (know-it-all, I am..) As it stands now trying to cover all these aspects at once, it feels like they have bitten over more than they can chew, or trying to do too much at the same time so that nothing it done fully. Just halfway there.

Would I recommend it?

Most of the other reviews have been very positive (4/5 stars). You should read them and try to decide your self

By the way, contains a scene where the sub is shared with another Dom. Also the sub is prepped by another sub. If you're unsure if this scene is for you, here's a bit more info the sub is of course Jordan. Jordan and Jase is at a private party. Jordan give a Dom called Max a blow job while several people watch, including Max' own sub. Jordan then gets prepped by Max' sub, but is fucked by Renee, another Dom (who is transgender? I don't know the correct word, but she is a woman, but has a cock ;))