Zombie Boyz

Zombie Boyz - T.J. Klune, Eric  Arvin, Ethan Stone, Daniel A. Kaine Zombie Boyz is a collection of three short stories. They all have a common theme - zombies, duh! - but are very different from each other. So they deserve their own mini-reviews.

1) "Guess Who's Coming at Dinner" by Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day
1-29% of the book

***** 5 favorite-story stars *****

First of all, the start was a bit confusing before I realized it started with a glimpse of the present, and then going back to the beginning.



The writing, the descriptions, the characters. So over the top! LMAO!
My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard!
Please check my updates. :)
But also, so sweet! It's more "awww" than "ewww"!
A definitely recommended read!

2) "Surviving Sin City" by Ethan Stone and Daniel A Kaine
29-67 % of the book
** 2 meh.. stars **

Kind of a classic zombie tale (whatever that is :P)
It didn't work for me, though. I didn't connect with the characters. Kind of exciting with the zombies, especially with the "super zombies", but it could have been made into so much more. From the middle maybe, or towards the end at least, I was skimming the pages wishing it to end. And this was suppose to be the most thrilling part! And I also skimmed the smexy scenes! Yes, I know. ME skipping sex scenes?! WTF?

..'twas disappointing. :-/

3) "Ghoul's Gym" by TJ Klune and Eric Arvin
67-98% of the book

*** 3 horrifyingly hilarious stars ***

Wow, this sure was something else! This was a blood-splatter-gore-fun-fest galore, Deluxe edition!

This was like taking a emotional roller coaster where it's a bit angst in the beginning, like "how will this end?" and it builds and builds, turning creepy before you reach the top and you know something's going to happen. Then the top is right there, you can't get away and the ride totally takes off!

It's exhilarating! Horrifying! Awful and awesome!
It feels ridiculous, your eyes are squinting and you're squealing. Laughing hysterically the whole way, being totally freaked out and maybe throws up a little in your mouth.

When the ride is over it grinds to a heart wrenching halt, and you're sitting there, panting, eyes wide and your hair's a mess. And then you I f'ing cry over the ending!
Wait, was this a gory zombie story or a great love story? Huh?

Teaser moments from this book:
"A gym bunny with ankles in the air." LOL!
A blow job gone bad, reaaaaaly bad! I'm so glad I'm not a guy right now. Phew!
The Alphabeth Twinks? Oh my god... a whole new LEVEL of creepy.
The water polo scene? (cannot describe the expression on my face)
"I remember him now. Him. My heart. My soul." *bites lip to stop me from crying*