Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry  - Heidi Cullinan ***** 5 debauched nerd over a pile of laundry stars *****

This book was a surprise. A really good surprise!


The blurb tells what the book is about, but in no way describes it fully. It was so much more than I expected, and I believe it deserves your attention.

In this story we meet Adam (who is an Entomology grad student... kudos to Heidi for "daring" to choose bugs as a main interest for one of the MC's. LOL ;)).
Anyway, Adam is a shy guy. He is also obsessive compulsive (OCD) and has clinical anxiety on top of that.

He is however, adorable. :D

Adam kept talking, because he was nervous and starting to panic and it was either talk or go fetal at this point.

"I'm a grad student at the university. Entomology. Bugs. I want to learn more about pollinators. I started with bees, but now I'm into moths. It's fascinating stuff, really.
You wouldn't believe how much the world would change without them. No food, no flowers, and wow, I should really stop talking."

He blushed scarlet by the end of his babble, and fetal was starting to sound really amazing, but Denver glanced up at the end and gave him a reassuring but slightly sly grin. "You're fine."

"Not as fine as you," Adam said before he could stop himself. Then he melted into the wall, half-falling into his dryer and knocking his glasses sideways as he realized what he'd just said. "Oh God."



Being Adam is not easy. Every day is a battle for him.
Meeting and getting bullied a group of drunk and high frat boys at his laundromat is especially difficult.

Adam shut his eyes and focused on his breathing. He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of pushing him into a panic attack. He wouldn't.
Another push. "We're talking to you, fag."
"Please." Adam had been in this situation before. It was time for him to beg. "Please give me my glasses back."
"Show us your underwear first, freak."
The nervous flutter in the pit of Adam's stomach turned into real fear. No, he couldn't do this. No. No. His panic congealed and began to rise. "Please," he whispered. But his fear only fueled them now.


If that didn't get your heart in your throat... But don't worry. Adam get unexpected help.

"What the fuck is going on?" someone bellowed.

Phew, I don't think I've ever been more relieved. LOL

It was a cowboy.

Cowboy was cut. Not handsome. Not in the let-me-jack-to-you cowboy porn mag way, at any rate. He wasn't ugly, be he didn't have a marble jaw or anything, and he wasn't magazine slick, not even close. But muscles? Oh yeah.

Just so you know, I didn't picture Eastwood as Denver, it was more the "Don't fuck with me" wibe I was going for. ;)

So what follows is some very hot "laundry" action. And you know what. ^^^^This is only in the first 7% of the book! :D

We get to know both Adam and Denver more through out the book. They are complete opposite and have their own issues, but they are perfect for each other.
Adam is battling with his OCD and anxiety. But Denver is so understanding, sensitive and patient. Denver however has is own demons to come to terms with. And who better to help him than Adam, who Denver has helped so much?

What Adam loved more than anything else, though, more than the shame of the exposure and the rough way Denver told him what to do, how giving control up to Denver took away all his anxiety, all his fear.
No fear. When was the last time he hadn't felt any fear? Any at all? (...)
Right now, in the laundromat with Denver, Adam felt no fear. None. None. The only emotion he knew outside of being turned on beyond his wildest dreams was being so overwhelmed with relief that he wanted to cry.


I want to quote the whole damn book. There were so many situations that made my eyes teary, my **beep**, well not teary and my heart mushy.

Including an unforgettable car journey into the forest and mountains looking for a suitable bathroom for Adam and his OCD. *awww*


I ask you, no I urge you to give this book a try. Don't let the cover fool you, it hold a gem of a story.

It's beautiful. It's sweet. It's rough-y kinkalicious. It's scorching hot. It's romance. It's erotic. It's battling your demons. It's finding who you want to be with. It's... definitely worth a read.
How does Heidi Cullinan manage that? Write something kinky, dirty, hot, erotic, but at the same time beautiful, sweet and emotional? Well, me likes!

There are no warnings needed for this book. No no-no's of any kind, in my opinion. Except an irritating ex, but I can deal with that.

I owe you one ;)


Wow, lots of stars for this one! Let's see :) *trying to ignore the cover*

When I researched if I had to read this series in order or not, I found out that Tucker Springs is a made-up town by authors LA Witt, Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan where all their characters live together! All of the Tucker Springs books work as stand-alone novels. They can be read in any order. And you don't have to keep track of the characters either.

Read an article about it here:

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