To Catch a Fox (Fox Mystery Series)

To Catch a Fox (Fox Mystery Series) - Geoffrey Knight, Ethan Day ***** 5 Foxy stars *****

THAT was brilliant! Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day does it again!

Another important aspect, you DON'T have to wait for the next book before reading [b:To Catch A Fox|16009017|To Catch A Fox (Fox Mysteries, #1)|Geoffrey Knight||21775594] in my humble opinion, of course.

Why? Because you get a great story which leaves you blissfully content! Like you feel after finishing a great dinner with friends having enjoyed good food and drinks. You feel "full", content. You're floating on a high from all the delicious ingredients. It was a great time, but all good things comes to an end. It's a bit sad to leave the festivities, but you're leaving highly anticipating the next dinner party book!


Thanks to Marco for inviting me to this awesome dinner party! ...and sweetie, I want those pictures! Don't think I don't remember, when I...*beeeeeep* and you.....*beeeeep* M'kay?