Boystown: Three Nick Nowak Mysteries

Boystown: Three Nick Nowak Mysteries - Marshall Thornton image
DNF at 55%...

I'm able to read about a lot of things, but in this book I found a limit. Drugs. Serving a pill as "dessert" after dinner between the MC, his friend and another "friend" and then casually going to the bedroom to have a threesome (see update at 52%).

"If more people had group sex the world would be a better place. Maybe there’d be less war and stuff. Okay, I knew I was high when that thought popped into my head."

Ehm.... no, NO!

It may have fitted the story setting, this being Chicago in the early 80's. But it was a no-no for me. Other stuff in Chicago, the mafia, pay offs and "greasing the right palms", dirty cops, casual kinda brutal no-feelings and don't forget unprotected sex (although with Vaselin, lotion or roomtemperated butter (at 17%) as "lube"...). *ick*

Oh, and there's cheating as well. The MC's friend, co-worker and some time weekend lover, well sexual partner may be a better word, Ross, has got a boyfriend who he spends his weekdays/nights with, who in turn is married with wife and kids in the suburbs. Go the 80's? No?

That being said, there was some good too. The book has indeed an average rating of 3.94. I really like detective stories so that aspect of the story was very good, hence the stars.
I just hit a limit(-s) that I didn't want to cross.

Meet the main character, Nick Nowak.

Thank Lena♥Ribka for the recommendation. :D Sorry I had to abandon it, but I'm glad you liked it though! Keep the recs coming, hon.