Dirty Kiss

Dirty Kiss  - Rhys Ford

***** 4,5 Dirty series stars *****

Audio edition, narrator Greg Tremblay
8 hours 21 minutes

Overall: 4,5
Performance: 4
Story: 5

"Saranghae, agi."

This is one of my favorite series and characters of all time. I love these books, and by that I mean the audio edition narrated by my favorite narrator Greg Tremblay.

I love Rhys Ford's writing and the characters she has created with this series. Greg Tremblay gives life to the characters with his narration. Each character has his or her own voice.

Cole McGinnis: snarky and slightly sarcastic way of speaking, but with lots of feelings.
Jae-Min's Korean accent.
Bobby's growling one-liners.
Claudia's southern maternal and stern voice, with a "black" tone, if I'm allowed to call it that.
Scarlet's silky Philippine accent.
Mike's older brotherly slightly exasperated-over-Cole's voice. 
And all the other characters that cross paths with Cole in this story.

It's impressive work! 

I've listened to this book and the rest of the series numerous times, so I have lost count. Since I love the so much it's very difficult to be objective when rating them. But on the other hand rating should reflect how I feel about what I read.

I've taken off a half star for this one, though. This is because the quality of the audio is slightly less than the rest of the series. I have my suspicions that Tremblay has gotten a new and better microphone when narrating #2 (or was it #3?). Also, in the next books it feels as if Tremblay have gotten to know the characters, so his narration of them is better, and his narration as a whole is more fluid too. He has this little pauses.when.he.narrates sometimes which can be slightly irritating if you first start to notice them. These are less obvious in the next books.

This is all nitpicking, but it's there so I deducted half a star so I can give full score when the narration is perfect.

If you've read or listened to this and am unsure whether or not to continue the series, I recommend you to continue. When I read Dirty Kiss the first time I gave it 3,5. I wasn't very impressed. I liked it, but I didn't love it. I think it's the weakest in the series actually. Fortunately I continued the series and I'm so glad a did. As I said in the beginning of this review, the Cole McGinnis series have become one of my absolute favorite series. I hope you will enjoy the series too. 

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