Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees of Separation - Taylor V. Donovan

***** 5 impressive stars *****

Mac said with a smile on his tone. "Later, darlin'."
"Later, kitten." Sam ended the call, and glared at his friend over his shoulder. "Not one word from you."
"But you look so pretty together," Logan [Sam's bestfriend] teased. "And the kitten.... wow... he's..."
"That's enough."
"More like a lion, if you ask me."
"Fine. (...) But can I just say one thing?"
"That depends. Will you take it like a man when I punch the shit out of you for butting into my business?"
"He's gorgeous, he sounds like a good guy, he's got your number, and he makes you smile."
"That was four things, Lo. But you're right. He's fucking hot, he's an outstanding man, he know how to deal with me, and I can't get enough of him."

It's been a long time since I read a book that has been real interesting. 
I've read plenty of hot, hotter, sweet, scary and suspenseful books, and this book (and the first in the series) is all that and more, but it was also interesting. It caught and held my attention. And let me tell you the both books (1 & 2) were 400 pages each! I've read 800 pages and it never dragged once, I never wished for it to soon finish or checked my progress bar or anything. I was actually hesitant to check the Kindle percentage for fear it would soon be over. And that, is a feature in it self!

Six Degrees of Separation continues right where Six Degrees of Lust left off. Read my review of #1 (link below).
The story and the characters continues (actually there's a couple more). The multiple POV also continues.
There's no way I can recap the story, because it's intricate and all the characters are in some way connected to each other. Some of these connections were revealed at the end of this book, so that got real excited. The bad guy/killer was also somewhat revealed in this and I though I had it figured it out, but the twist still surprised me! 

It's hard to talk about the first and the second book separately, because it is one continuing story line. It's almost like it's a series of 5-6 books crammed into 2-3 books. I say "crammed" in the most positive way possible. Instead doing like most authors do, separating a series into books where each book tells the story of the different characters, it's all mixed together in this series. And it works! I love it! I love all the characters, both main and second, I love the mystery, I love the investigation, I love the family "drama" that Sam and Mac have, I love everything fitting together, but they don't know it yet, I love all the love interest. I mean, there's at least four separate love stories going on here! Where as Sam and Mac are the MCs. It might seem overwhelming, but I think not. 

Both books goes onto my "Memorable books of 2015" shelf! 
I also uprated the first book from 4 to 5 stars, just because I can and want to.


515 - you'll get the meaning when you read the story. :)


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