Six Degrees of Lust

Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan

**** 4 POV stars ****

Phew! Get ready to meet lots of characters, through their own POV too. There are several POV in this book, so keep that in mind, if that is not your thing. I found I liked it! It worked. There's the two main character, Sam and Mac, but the story also includes their friends/coworkers on both sides and they are all interconnected somehow. I liked all the different story lines all the secondary characters provided. I can see how some readers can be bothered by it, but I found it a bit refreshing really, to read about more than just two main characters for once. The story was interesting and intriguing, especially since they all seem to know each other, but don't know it yet.

One of the main character, Sam is a FBI agent in New York City.

He's leading a team investigating a serial killer who prowls New York City night life, picking up gay men and brutally murder them. All in the name of God, or course, since he leaves Bible quotes with the victims.

I felt like I was dealing with the whole team, or a similar team, as Criminal Minds. Each of the members (or friends of main characters) got their own "air time", so to speak.
The other main character is Mac who owns a bar in Houston, Texas. Sam and Mac have a chance-meet at the airport and sparks fly. 
The title is spot on "Six Degrees of Lust", because Sam and Mac was very much in lust, but maybe there's something more?

The blurb speaks only of Sam and Mac, but the book is so much more than just their relationship. It's difficult to sum up everything! The serial killer, the investigation, the drama and life of all the side characters and characters not fully revealed yet, Sam's personal issues, but of course lots of lust and sexual tension between two main men.

This book is also a bit longer than my normal reads so there was space for all of it happening. I wasn't bored at all. All of it was interesting and it fitted together, and made me read on. I can overlook all the characters being apparently drop dead gorgeous and fabulous without fault.

Recommended! Just overlook the horrible cover... *wince*

I'm looking forward to continue with the next book!


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