Try - Ella Frank

*** 3,5 sex saturated stars ***

Second re-through!

Wow, Logan really is a pushy bastard, almost too much, but he sees Tate giving an inch and Logan wants the whole yard or.. all the inches. That's why he keeps pushing (and pushing) Tate.

I like that Tate isn't a doormat. He gives as good as it takes. I really liked that the cocky Logan gets knocked off kilter by Tate, and Tate don't take Logan's shit lying down. I can understand his reservation, but I like how we witness him embracing his attraction to another guy, or to Logan to be spesific. I'm not sure it's really that realistic, to be honest, but I'm not complaining.

There's a lot of sex in this book. It seems sex solves everything for these guys. And I mean everything! They don't exactly talk much, but I guess that comes next with the series. 

The first part of the book contains too much of the female p-word to my liking. If you're gonna read it do yourself a favor and DON'T start at the beginning. Go to the index and tap "Chapter One" and start reading there. Trust me, you don't wanna read the prologue if you're a MM reader. If you do anyway? Well, don't say I didn't warn ya.

I understand the "controversy" about this book. When I read it the first time I loved it, but back then I read more MF too, and I admit I can see some "MF similarities" (if there is such a thing). So I can see that this book appeals to those who tries the MM genre for the first time. Try isn't the "best" MM book nor is it the worst. If noobie MM readers try Try and likes it and wants to read more MM afterwards? Then hooray! 

I really didn't see or get the "chicks with dicks". I didn't once confuse or think of Logan nor Tate as a chick with dicks. On the contrary they are both pushy men in their own way and discovers more about themselves and each other.

I'm looking forward to read Take, since most say that Take is better and see how their relationship develops. 

Oh, and stay away from the audio book! Geez, it was horrible. The narrator totally put me off and I had to start reading instead. The first sex scene narration made me laugh out load of the sheer ridiculousness.

Buddy Read of the whole series with Elsbeth, Julie, Momo and Nathan.

Previous review may 2014:

A BR with my lovely friend, Ingela

****Solid 4 stars****

I've got just this to say about this book

The kissing

The touching

The grinding

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I want me some Logan and Tate! I loved their tug and pull and calling on each other's BS. They were both wrong, they were both right, they were both so attracted to each other and their encounters were smokin' hot! Mmmm me likey. Definitely going to anticipate the release of #2!