The Initiation of Ms Holly

The Initiation of Ms Holly - K.D. Grace Definitely erotica this one, NOT fluffy romance. Well, there is a romance between the MCs Rita and Edward, but you kinda need to (strongly) hold on to that thought and just go with the flow with the rest. It's not for the faint of heart either, it's erotica.

The reviews for this book were all over the place. I thinking the reason why is those who rated it "high" knew what kind of book it was before reading it, and those who rated it "low/bad" didn't quite know what they were getting them self into? I hope you get what I mean.

I'm very curious person and facinated by human nature, how different we are, how different we think and act, how men thinks vs women, what turns us on, how we like different kinds of sex and so forth. I'm very open and accepting and not judgemental. I'm open to read about different things and I accept what I read. I may not understand all of it, but I accept it. I do have a comfort level, but other than that I just enjoy reading about different things to experience it and learn something new.

*wipes forehead* That got pretty deep, huh?
(I blame the lateness of the hour. I get very philosophical at night. Sue me.)

Anyway, that's the book for you. I think you need to accept there's erotica in this book and not judge the characters for what they are doing. If you do that, this book is pretty hot. It did push my comfort level sometimes, but overall I did actually enjoy reading it.

I borrowed some quotes I found described my feelings of the book from other reviews so you kind of get the compiled short version. I have added links to the reviews so I'm not taking credit or anything.

Chelsea's review (4.5 stars) pretty much sums up the story:
4.5 stars for this very kinky novel about a woman trying to pass the initiation rites of the Mount, an exclusive BDSM club. She's got two purposes: reuniting with the sexy man she met in the dark, and writing an expose to jumpstart her journalism career. (...) There's no sense of shame about any of the very kinky boundaries being pushed, and I liked that as well. It was easier to enjoy the novel when everyone in it was enjoying themselves too.

BodiceRippingConnoisseur's review, 5 stars
This book has threesomes, foursomes, woman on woman, and even man on man.
I really liked this book and if you are looking looking for an erotic book with a story line then this is it.

Paris (kerbytejas) review, 3stars
The Initiation of Ms Holly by K.D. Grace was a book that surprised me. This book is 95% sex and 5% connective storyline.
I came to see the book as a long series of sexual vignettes, tales, and scenarios, skillfully tied together by the author.
The connective storyline, had drama, intrigue, manipulation of people’s lives, power struggles within the organization, and many a double crossing situation.

Britt's review, 4 stars
I did like (for once) to see a character that was so willing and eager to access her sexuality, without any of those odd feelings about social norms and dicorum. It is refreshing for a woman just to be able to enjoy all kinds of sex that would otherwise be deemed 'slutty' or inappropriate by average society.

Rochelle's review, 3 stars
This is one of those books that walks the line between completly terrible and brilliant.

Georgana's review, 4 stars
I would definitely recommend anyone who has an open mind to a very erotic read with a bit of mystery surrounding it!

Natalie's review, 3 stars
I found I had to read this one in private due to the embarrassing thought of someone actually looking over my shoulder and reading any of the number of dirty things that's written on just about every page! Despite that fact, I still enjoyed reading about all the naughty occurrences.

I hope I haven't bored you to death ;)

Ps. I have also read [b:The Pet Shop|11349930|The Pet Shop|K.D. Grace||16279642], which I liked a lot more due to a lot less characters and a more romance fluffy feel, but still with kinky sex (pet play) I'll review it later.