The Pet Shop

The Pet Shop - K.D. Grace Hot DAMN! This is one serious EROTIC romance right here! And mindblowing! And HOT! And Kinky (with a capital K)! And believe it or not, romantic! And there's actually a story and plot as well.

But, you need to accept the kink alright. There is some serious roleplay with pet play. It's kinky, but not offputting or disgusting, the sex is still sex -HOT sex mind you. There's nothing forced about this, they all have made a choice to play, okay.

And everything WORKS! The characters felt real and well developed, not cheesy and stupid. I got facinated by the whole concept (don't judge me). And the story is intriguing and it holds everything together and actually makes it into a great story and not just about sex. Stella and Tino are amazing!

So, imagine your friend and co-worker comes to visit you saying she has a surprise, a reward for a job well done. Stella figures it's probably a gift voucher or maybe theatre tickets... how wrong she is! Her friend shows up with a gorgeous man...

‘This is Tino.’ Anne placed a hand under the man’s chin and lifted his head so Stella could see his lovely stubbled face, blushing as though she had just caught him masturbating behind the sofa. He offered half a shy smile then quickly lowered his head again, dark eyes disappearing behind a fringe of unruly auburn hair.

Blushing? Shy smile? Awwww, cuuuute! Uhh, what? Well, YES he is. Tino doesn't talk and he acts as a pet. He sits down obediently on the floor, cock standing to attention, and looks up at you with deep dark eyes.

Stella being a good host offers drinks..
‘And what about you? What would you like?’ The man only buried his head against Anne’s leg like a shy child.
‘Tino doesn’t drink, and he’s already been fed.’
‘Already been fed?’
Anne disengaged Tino’s arms from around her leg and stood. ‘Stay here, Tino, mistresses need to talk.’
‘Mistresses? What the fuck’s going on?’
‘Shshsh!’ Anne grabbed Stella’s arm and hustled her off to the kitchen. ‘He’s very sensitive to other people’s emotions. He’s nervous enough just being in a strange place.’


Your friends explains...

‘There’s a site called the Pet Shop. They set people up with Pets, and I’m not talking cats and dogs here, Stel. It’s temporary, only for a night, a weekend at the most.’
‘You’re kidding, right?’
‘Hon, I wouldn’t joke about something as yummy as Tino.’
‘Tino’s very low maintenance, well behaved – at least most of the time anyway, clean, quiet.’
‘Jesus, Annie, this is a bloke you’re talking about, not a stray cat.’

Well behaved, huh? Not this time. Walking back from the kitchen..

There on the floor, exactly where they left him, was Tino, head thrown back, eyes closed, enthusiastically thrusting the thick cock he’d extricated from his trousers in and out of his fisted hand.
‘Tino! Bad boy! You know better than to play with your thing without permission.’ Anne shoved past Stella and slapped his hands away from his penis.


Holy shiiiit!

So what do you do when your friend leaves and says she'll come and pick him up in two days? And he doesn't talk...

‘I’m sorry, Tino,’ she shoved to her feet, tearing her gaze away from the gorgeously horny man sitting on the floor by her chair. ‘But I just can’t do this. The pet only looked up at her with adoring and expectant eyes.
Tino made no response. Instead, he rubbed his cheek affectionately against her leg and moved to sit back on his haunches, a position that made his erection look even more enormous, bulging heavily against his thigh. At the sight, her stomach muscles tensed low and tight and her pussy clenched and half convulsed.
‘I forgot ,’ she looked down at the manual still gripped in one hand, ‘Pets don’t talk.

Tensions building!!

For a long moment he looked up at her with his bottomless cinnamon eyes, as though he couldn’t quite comprehend what she wanted of him. Then, slowly, carefully, holding her gaze, he laid a hand against his cock and ran a curled palm up the length of it. A shudder ascended his spine. He threw back his head and released a trembling breath that ended in a deep animal groan at the back of his throat.
Before she could do more than marvel at the velvety softness that felt like it sheathed granite, he pushed in closer, and his large hand engulfed hers easing it gently against his cock with just enough pressure to encourage her fingers to wrap around the girth of him. She curled her fingers around him and felt his hand tighten over hers. She expected him to hump like a dog, but he only stepped closer
The shifting of his hips was almost invisible but for the tensing of the muscles low in his hard belly, tightening and lifting until his soft pubic curls just grazed the inside of her wrist. Instead of the blatant sexuality she expected, he simply laid his head on her shoulder, his warm breath raising the fine hair along the back of her neck. His heart hammered a heavy drumbeat that matched her own,

*GASP* And this is ALL BEFORE 8%, I tell you!

Is it hot in here?

Try it out, I urge you. You may be surprised.

And Tino... my god, I think I'm panting a little bit my self actually.