Destiny Calls

Destiny Calls - Samantha Wayland This book was so great! One of my all times favorites!

I loved the three MC Brandon, Patrick and Destiny.
I loved sexual tension, growing and exploding.
I loved the alternating POV to get to know what each character is thinking.
I loved the desciptions of everything.
I have so many favorite scenes, omg at the bar in the beginning.
It was hot hot HOT and at the same time so romantic, between both Brandon and Patrick, Brandon and Destiny, Destiny and Patrick, and all tree of them together.
There is actually suspense happing in this too.

Highly recommended!

Here is a longer review by Christi Snow

Oh, and you should definitely read [b:With Grace|8390611|With Grace|Samantha Wayland||13248895] which is linked to this book. We get to meet Brandon and Patrick on the job so to speak. The case they are working on is mention in Destiny Calls. Nice one! But they are both stand alone books.