Lust by Moonbeam (Moonbeam, #1)

Lust by Moonbeam (Moonbeam, #1) - Cynthia Sax A short funny story you should try reading when you have some minutes to spare.

Cathy, the female MC is hilarous. No damsel in distress this one. She takes care of business!

"Cathy stared straight ahead, keeping her face carefully blank. Damn it. He was hunky and hot for her, so, of course, he was also batshit crazy. “You believe you’re an alien?”

“To you, I am an alien. To me, you’re an alien.”

He was good-looking and polite and she was only in Moonbeam for three more nights. What the hell? Crazy or not, she’d fuck the kinky bastard, and she might even wear tinfoil antennas while he boned her."
My lord. The man wasn’t wearing underwear either and Cathy’s body temperature soared to sizzling levels, because that large cock he so casually displayed oscillated back and forth in short, shallow thrusts. She licked her bottom lip, enthralled by the hypnotic motion. “Ahhh...” Her brain turned to mush. “Whatever you like.”

...oscillated back and forth in short, shallow thrusts.. ummm B.O.B, anyone? Holy crap *huge grin*

Since Rellec (who looks like a human by the way except his got this big gyrating cock, oh and he's blue and green) is not of this world his english isn't so...good, but the meaning is clear

“Your upper ventral region pleases me very much.” He swiped a calloused thumb over her nipple.
“Breasts, call them breasts.”
“I have to use Ministry instruments or I’ll get my ass fired.”
A red-hot rage swept over Rellec.
“No one will touch your ass,” he bellowed, his fingers curling into fists and his ridges rattling. “Your ass is my possession.”
“Is it, eh?”
His Cathy’s brown eyes sparkled like freshly tilled earth. She bent over, thrusting that part of her anatomy toward him, and his anger flowed into burning desire, his spicka vibrations intensifying.
“Well, then, you can claim my ass later.”
Claim? Rellec stared at her wiggling curves and his mouth dried.
“You wish me to fuck your ass?” Sladky matka. He swallowed hard. Was that possible?
“Not without lube.”
“Lubrication would eliminate unnecessary friction,” Rellec agreed, his gaze locked on her rounded bottom.
“Yes.” He nodded, eager to please her. “I will obtain lube and I will fuck your ass.”
“Okie dokie then. I’m glad that’s settled.”

I don't know which of them is more fun!

In short, an amusing, hot story.