With Grace

With Grace - Samantha Wayland If you loved [b:Destiny Calls|11964629|Destiny Calls|Samantha Wayland|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1309965758s/11964629.jpg|16927259] you will like this one as well. The stories are actually linked, as we get to meet Brandon and Patrick from Destiny Calls on the job as detectives working the case. You should read Destiny Calls first. Although you don't stricktly have to. They are stand alone.

I can actually copy paste my review for Destiny Calls for this one... So I did! Everything I said in that review I can say for this one.

This book was so great! One of my all times favorites!

I loved the three MC Grace, Mark and Philip.
I loved sexual tension, growing and exploding.
I loved the alternating POV to get to know what each character is thinking.
I loved the desciptions of everything.
I have so many favorite scenes.
It was hot hot HOT and at the same time so romantic, between each of the characters and with all three at once.
There is actually suspense happing in this too.

Highly recommended!