Cardinal's Rule

Cardinal's Rule - Tymber Dalton This was both good and bad.

First, Tymber Dalton's writing is always amazing okay, she's one of my favorite authors, so that's where the three stars come in.

Oh! And there's the first part of the book *big grin*...

That's right!

However I had a bit of a hard time accepting the rest. It just didn't sit right with me.

Tilly Cardinal was a submissive, but got abandoned by her master, Cris. Shattered by the betrayal she becomes a Mistress. Who is (after some time) propositioned by Landry, another Master, who wants her to train his slave, who is *gasp* you guessed it, her former master Cris.

Uhm, what?

Landry wants more. He want Tilly to care for him through his cancer, getting payed for it and "as a bonus she can abuse his slave in whatever way she sees fit to make up for the pain she’s suffered."

That was just...

I'm not trying to tell you not to read is. Try it out, and see what you think.