Pole Star

Pole Star - Josephine Myles Awww, nice! This one struck close to home for me. No, I'm not a guy and I'm definitely not a pole dancer (me and a dancing pole? Yikes)! But I AM a radiographer, the same as Sal. Sweet! Haven't looked at my profession as something sexy before ;)

Sooo familiar settings for me :)

"Sal pushed the chair through a door covered in yellow warning signs, including the radioactive one that always gave me the creeps.
“Is it safe?” slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it. Of course it was bloody safe. Sal wouldn’t be doing it otherwise, would he?
“Yes, it’s fine. (...)"

Yes, all the door in where I work have yellow warning signs, but I'm perfectly safe...

"I’ll be in there.” He gestured towards a small booth on the other side of the room.
“Hey, I thought you said this was safe,” I grumbled. “Can’t you stay here and hold my hand?”
“Not when I’ve got to operate the controls. Don’t worry. It’s painless and will be over before you know it.”
It didn’t exactly reassure me to see him disappearing through a door marked with more radiation warning signs."

... in my booth operating the controls. Thats me! :D

Common mistake, mixing radiographer and radiologist. I get asked that several times a week... ;)

“So what made you decide to be a radiologist, then?” I asked, thinking to steer the conversation in that direction before he asked me anything about my imaginary career fighting fires and heroically rescuing kittens from up trees.
“I’m a radiographer, actually.”
“What’s the difference?”
Sal gave just about the driest chuckle I’d ever heard. “Well, apart from the fact radiologists are qualified doctors"

"If you think the scrubs are a bit much, you should see the lead aprons they’ve got there. All covered in cute patterns."

Yes, I have one as well I use when the occasion calls for it. It's yellow with teddy bears on it. I also have regular blue.

As I said, nice!

I'm getting a bit sidetracked. Me raving about the quotes set a side, the story is short and sweet. Three stars for the story, the fourth for Sal's profession.