Aftermath - Cara Dee

**** 4,5 gun or no gun stars ****

"To hell and back with you."

I loved this book. Both the first time I read it and my reread now. It was both fabulous and horrible. What these guys went through... and are still going through!
I think it's hard to explain what's so good about this book. Everything just worked. Compelling characters, a building suspense, dread, the flashbacks as part of the PTSD. Yes, I loved the flashbacks! I know, right? Well, they worked and I dreaded each of them, but at the same time I wanted to see more of Austin and Cam's relationship. I loved seeing their need for each other in the aftermath.
I loved Cam. His Asberger made him an intriguing character and the author did a great job portraying him.
Sigh, and that epilogue. :)

Highly recommended.

BR with Julie, Momo and Nathan.