Public Display of Everything

Public Display of Everything - Cara Dee *** 3,5 Really sweet with a light sprinkling of kink stars ***

This book wasn't what I thought it would be.
I was actually expecting more kink of the voyeur-kind to be honest. And I was a bit disappointed about that. Ups!
"Help, incoming objects!"
*duck head*
Hehe, get it? ;) Duck, head? No? Just me? I thought it was very funny. ;)

BUT! This book was so sweet and adorable! Not at all angsty, just nice and fluffy. I really liked the characters! Big-hearted Cory the klutz and Flynn the stuttering-when-excited geek who takes their time to fall in sweet-sweet love. They have some hot sex, occasionally with voyeurs (from a distance, not in the same room).

I totally stole this GIF from Eva's review, because of reasons. :D

A recommended read! And don't be scared of the voyeurism, I thought it would be more kinky and dirty, but it wasn't. As I said, sweet and fluffy!