Slam! - J.L. Merrow This is a new review due to second read-through!

***** 5 I-love-you-book stars *****


I love it so much I want to buy a HARDBACK (yes, a hardback) and do this!
And maybe do a little happy dance!

This book is all kinds of ridiculous, but ridiculously funny, hysterically funny!

It's very OTT, so it's kind of a hit or miss type of book depending on if the humor hit your nail on the head. Ha!

This is my second read-through, and I enjoyed it so much, even though I knew what was going to happen. I was eagerly reading and enjoying the character of Jude.

Jude is the voice of the book. He is the book. He is the reason I love it. The story almost gets the backseat, since his character is so big. He is young, sassy, flamboyant, effeminate, over the top enthusiastic, talks a mile a minute and so totally in-your-face out and proud! He's basically the typical gay stereotype. So either you're going to roll your eyes at him and the book, or you're going to laugh yourself silly and give the book a big hug (see first GIF).

"Look, I really appreciate you bringing me here, but I think there’s something you ought to know about me."
David smiled. "If it’s that you’re gay—"
Oh, puh-leeze. “No— God, no. I mean, yes, obviously, I’m fruitier than a greengrocers’ convention, but no, that wasn’t what I was about to say."

Jude works at a vegan cafè (despite not being one, which he makes a point out of too), and the highlight of his week is when a "pyjama posse" (martial art class) jogs by in their "jim-jams" as Jude puts it. The tasty one in front is David, the other MC. David is pretty much Jude's opposite. Where as Jude is the gay stereotype, David is the guy-next-door normal straight guy stereotype. He's a bit older, more down to earth, responsible, conservative and not so out and open, because he is gay.

"I was worried I’d scared you off,"I said as I slid into the passenger seat."Being too gay and all."
"No— I, er..." He hesitated, and I looked at him sharply. Well, slightly less bluntly, anyway. My head still hurt.
"I don’t have a problem with you being gay, Jude. I’m... well, I’m into blokes myself."
You are?" I may have squeaked a bit.
"But you’re so..." Butch, I should have said. And manly, and muscular, and gorgeous, and I bet you’re hairy too in all the right places.
What came out was, "Straight."

The setting is in the UK, so the humor is very British. Their rapid-paced dialogue is typically British-English with a bit of slang. Like "bloody hell", "innit", "dead tasty", "sod it", "bugger" and "All right, keep your knickers on."
I bloody loved it! Maybe because I'm more used to the British spoken language than American?

It was like reading a sit-com, with a series of mishaps and misunderstandings causing hilarious situations.


I don't want to give away what the story is about, you should read it yourself and experience the the hilarious ridiculousness! Starring Jude Biggerstaff... great last name, huh?

“Jude Biggerstaff?”
David did a double-take. “Biggerstaff?”
I was still miffed with him. “Yes. Bigger. Staff.”

And it is too!

I leave you with a little limerick from Jude

"There was a young girl from Nantucket
Whose bum size was measured in buckets
She cried bitter tears
For her humongous rear
Because nobody wanted to—”

Did you get the limerick? Haha! I didn't at once, probably since English is not my mother tongue. I had to read it out loud for myself like a limerick... and I finally got it. Thank god I was alone! And not commuting on the train or something. I laughed so hard!


I tell you, Jude's voice is awesome. If you like it, you'll love the book. Several laughs awaits you :D

And btw, "Slam!" was the WINNER of the 2013 Rainbow Award for Best LGBT Romantic Comedy.