Pressure Head

Pressure Head - J.L. Merrow I love JL Merrow's characters and writing style. Pressure Head is a contemporary mystery/romance novel set in the English countryside. The mystery has front seat, but the romance is woven through. It actually reminded me of a Agatha Christe murder mystery, with the small English village, church, parish and vicar. But that's all the similarities, no little old lady (Ms Marples) or a man with a funny mustache (Mr. Poirot) here.

Instead there is this plumber with a knack for finding hidden things, and leaking pipes. No wonder he became a plumber.

"Hidden things, on the other hand, call out to me. All the guilt and shame and sneakiness involved in the hiding acts as a kind of beacon. (...) Anyway. Hidden things. Lost things, sometimes. And water, funnily enough, I've never really understood that one."

Tom is a sweetheart. I loved him with his cheeky, flirtatious attitude and dodgy him. It was sweet how i referred to his customers or people as Mrs. B., Mrs. L. and so on. His interactions with his former crush is funny and a bit frustrating. I felt I didn't get to know Phil Morrison that well. He confused both Tom and me. Hopefully I'll get to know him better in the sequel [b:Relief Valve|18989149|Relief Valve (The Plumber's Mate #2)|J.L. Merrow||27009645] which I'm starting next.

Highly recommended.

By the way. This book is not "dripping with sex", it actually has just one sex scene (beautiful one at that).