Ball & Chain (Cut & Run)

Ball & Chain (Cut & Run) - Abigail Roux

*** 3,5 different stars ***

I put off reading this book when it came out a year ago. I had read the Cut & Run series up until #7 Touch & Geaux a while back before that, so the series wasn't fresh in my mind when #9 came out. Then it started getting all these bad reviews and several people were screaming their frustration about it. I remember reading a few reviews of it, but then stopped and put this book on the back burner. I didn't give up on it, still intending to read it, but I wanted to wait for the perfect time and, of course re-read the whole series.

I'm glad I did wait to read it. In preparation for the publishing of the ninth and final book in this series, I re-read the whole series and started Ball & Chain in succession. I was kind of prepared for that it wouldn't be the same as the others, I mean, there clearly was something different about this book since it got a lot of people to 1 star a book from a series they love, right? 

I get why and what all the fuzz was about when the book came out. I can imagine the shock and disappointment all those people reading it when it first came out, since they were expecting more of the same brilliance like the other books have been. Hence all the bad rating and review. Because this book did feel different from all the other books. I felt it right at the beginning when I started reading. Something was off. The story was told and not shown and I mostly didn't recognize my beloved characters!

That being said, however, I didn't think the book was rubbish, either! I liked it, but I didn't love it. There were some memorable moments in the book and I'm glad I read it. I'm also glad to have waited reading it, so I could start with #9 Crash & Burn right away. I just finished reading #9 and it was fantastic. It felt totally different from the writing and story flow in #8. Which I'm very, very happy about.

BR with Julie, Elsbeth and Momo.