Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux  - Abigail Roux Update April 4th, 2016:

Audio edition, narrator J.F. Harding
8 hours 52 minutes

Overall: 5
Performance: 4
Story: 5

Another great book in the Cut & Run series. Another great audio narration from the new and third narrator for this series. I enjoyed it.

Original review:

***** 5 Nawlins stars *****

Phew! Vastly different plot, setting and feel to this book that # 6 Stars & Stripes. It didn't make it any less good, though. I love this series, I love Ty and Zane and it was difficult to read about them arguing it came together in the end, and I think it was very good for Zane. And Ty, for that matter. But geez, what a cliffy ending, though!

BR with Julie, Elsbeth and Momo.