Criminal Pleasures

Criminal Pleasures - Darien Cox I had just read another book of [a:Darien Cox|6448768|Darien Cox|] and really liked it, [b:Seducing Professor Coyle|18476788|Seducing Professor Coyle|Darien Cox||25758882]. So I wanted to give this a try. Come on, there's a guy with a gun in his pants on the cover (times two actually)! Yes, there really is a gun, just enlarge the photo you'll see ;) Also I'm a sucker for mystery, suspense, guys with gun that sort of thing.

I'm VERY glad I gave this book a try. Although I've got to say, the blurb really does not do the books justice. I was pleasently surprise actually. The writing was really good, and the characters. Honest, sweet, but holding his own Brendan meeting the smokin' hot Marcello, who's a dick, but then really not. And the TWIST, my God, I actually didn't see that coming! Nice Mr Cox! And the romance, the sex (hot hot HOT) and the suspense just keep climbing. There's also "awwww", sniffles and snickers.

A little tease...
“Ow.” He twisted his head, rubbing the back of his neck. “No one’s ever been able to do that to me before. No one’s ever gotten me on my back. Ever.”

Highly recommended if you want to crush on a "sexy and mysterious stranger working at a restaurant" and follow Brendan as "he can’t fight his compulsion to pursue him" as the blurb says. I think you'll be pleasantly surprise as I was.

Ah, Marcello.. you can turn me gay any day of the week. Oh shit... I forgot, I don't have a "gun" in my pants. Damn.

Like, if you like a guy with a gun in his pants ;)