Kaleb - Nicole Edwards Pheeeew, smokin' hot!

Read Lisa's review and Akanksha's review. They'll explain everything I wanted to say about this book :)

Gotta love the Walker brothers!

"All seven of the Walker brothers filed in, turning damn near every head in the room, including Zoey’s. She had to admit, watching Kaleb, Braydon, Brendon, Zane, Ethan and Sawyer walking in, all big, strapping and so damn good looking… it nearly hurt to look at them. Pulling up the rear , none other than the eldest of them all, looking like a total badass with his black Stetson pulled low over those gleaming blue eyes. Good Lord."


“Oh my God,” V whispered beside Zoey. “If every one of them would take their shirts off, we could make a calendar of hot, hunky men,”

Makes me go...

Hot hot hot!