Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone - S.E. Jakes

~~~~~ update January, 2016 ~~~~

Audio edition, narrator Adam North.
7 hours 50 min

Overall: 4,5
Performance: 3,5
Story: 4

Such a good book! I love Prophet and Tommy! I really enjoyed listening to this audio. I still don't think Adam North's voice for Tommy is "right", but pfft, who cares when the story is so good.
Lots of story, lots of hotness! Great to get to know more about Tommy. And their feelings are so strong for each other, even though they don't really talk about them. Actions are louder than words. :)
Love, looove the ending of this book! When the realization hit I broke up in goose bumps and got misty eyed. I had forgotten about it and hearing it narrated, was just awesome.
Looking forward to start the audio for #3.

**** 4 hottest reunited stars ****

Staying away from me might've ensured we'd both be fine, but we weren't happy. And I'd take happy over safe any day."

Ah, YES! I liked this book much better than Catch a Ghost since Tom and Prophet aren't so angry in this one. They reunite and holy smokes they do!! That scene in the storming rain? Hot, hot, HOT!

"What the hell did you do to me, T?" Hadn't realized he'd asked Tom outright until he heard,
"Same thing you did to me."

The story is still intricate and interesting. We learn more about Tom's past in the bayou and his "voodoo shit" (Prophet's words) in this one. The main series story is also continued. Tom and Prophet's relationship grows and develops. They are so perfect for each other! They're sex is off the charts! I learned to liked them in #1 Catch a Ghost, but I learned to love them here. They are so complex and have so much baggage, but the fit together so well. They are so tough, but still vulnerable with each other. They aren't men of few words. They let their actions speak for themselves. 

"You're so easy, Proph."
"For you."
There was so goddamn meaning behind those two little words, and the way Prophet said them, with a slight catch in his voice... those words said everything else he couldn't. Tom swallowed hard and tried to convey the same sentiment when he simply told Prophet, "Me too."
And then Prophet smiled mischievously.
"Can we fuck again so we don't have to talk? Because technically, what we did counts."
Tom laughed. "No, it doesn't. But we can fuck anyway."

Oh, and that was after sex on top of a washing machine... during the spin cycle. :D 

Looking squarely into Tom's eyes, Prophet knew what--who-- he had a kink for. And the voodoo bastard knew it too.
Knew it. Liked it. Used it to his advantage whenever he could. Like now.
Because he knows you like it.

And Prophet's real name is revealed! And I love the plot twist that comes with that!

His own fucking personal tornado.