Hot Ticket (Serving Love)

Hot Ticket (Serving Love) - K.A. Mitchell This story was awesome, amazingly hot and beautiful!
There was quite a bit of gorgeously descripted sex, but the story holds is own. It was actually amazing how much story there was, concidering it was just 98 pages! I connected with both the characters. Especially Elliot, adorable in his hotness.

Two very different guys end up doing community service sorting garbage at a recycling plant.

Cade, a pierced, ripped clothes, spontaneous type of guy got community service for smashing his cheating boyfriend BMWs windshield with a tire iron (well deserved in my opinion, since we get to meet his "charming" ass). Cade seems to "brandish crude language like an extension of his outrageous jewelry." But he's got hidden depths not seen at first.

Cade meets the younger, careful, spluttering adorable Elliot, who's too trusting nature got him community service for possesion of stolen property, which was a stolen purse, a Christmas present for his sister.

Sorting through the garbage, Cage sees something:
His eyes picked out a familiar-looking envelope, the kind that concert tickets from Ticketstat! always came in.

But he's not the only one...
"He followed the gloved hand up to a pair of dark blue eyes under chocolate brown hair cut and arranged too perfectly to be found on a straight guy, please God. Because his lips were full in contrast to a solid, diamond-edged jaw, and it would be a crying shame if he didn’t bat for Cade’steam even if he was a little younger and prettier than Cade could picture in his bed.

Elliot thinking about Cade...
The confirmation that Cade was gay acted like an accelerant on that heat in Elliot’s belly. It sizzled along his nerves, turning his skin hot and sensitive under his sweater. The information gave Elliot’s brain permission to replay the way Cade’s ass had looked when he leaned over the counter to kiss the barista, that worn jacket riding up far enough to show how tightly fitted the jeans were over his round ass.

These guys show us that passion is definitely a ticket to something more.

Highly recommended. The cover doesn't do the story justice.