Queers - A.J.  Rose Oh boy, where to start reviewing this book? I've been chewing on this review for a while now, just because there is so much to cover!

There's a lot happening in this story. Well, stories actually since we get to know several people and read what happens to them. Which is a lot! Some sweet, some sad, some great, some grief, some nervousness, some entertaining, some bad, some really bad (and really frustrating!)

I've read several reviews to see what other people felt about this book, and I want to quote some of them to try to say what I want to say.

Jordan said...
"You know that feeling you get when you first get on a roller coaster and you're like "This is going to be awesome!"? That's how Queers starts out. AJ Rose did an exceptional job building the anticipation in the first act of this book. By the time you're nearing the 'peak' of this ride you'll be wondering "wtf was I thinking?!?" much like you would right before the coaster plunges over the peak and your stomach rushes into your throat.(...)"

Meredith said...
"Queers is an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions. AJ Rose weaves you through the lives of many characters with perfection. I laughed, I cried, I swore, plotted murder and cried some more.(...)"

Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews~Lover of all things MM~Sarcasm Junkie n Kissing SLut~ said...
"I am not going to go into details about what happened in this book because seriously. There is A LOT that happened in the pages of this book.(...)
I sound like I didn’t like it. BUT. I did. So much going on within 600 pages. So DAMN MUCH.(...)
So if you want to read a whirlwind drama, this book is for you. The angst flows off the pages, ummmm, pretty much each page, in a very dense sense. Edge of your seat, WTF moments, lots of WTF moments."

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

I loved to love it and I loved to hate it.

AJ Rose, you did a great work with this book. And I love you for coming up with the term The Three Musky Queers. :D

I really liked the cover as well. An A sharp (#A), huh? Nice! In english anyway. Much better than the Norwegian (European?) name for it, Aiss (#A sharp). But the middle of the three blacks is called Ass (bA flat). Huh...so... uh... yeah. Totally random music knowledge for ya.