The Gamble

The Gamble - Kristen Ashley I love Kristen Ashley's books. They are just so full of story, and the characters are excellent, plentiful and memorable. The dialogues are awesome!

I've read Ashley's Rock Chick series which I absoultey LOVED. So I was excited to get to know the Colorado Mountain series hoping it would be great as well.

The start of the book was soo good (read the blurb). I had serveral laughs before 3%! The meeting between the two MC, Holden Maxwell (Max) and Nina Sheridan was great.

Holden Maxwell:
"He was tall, very tall, with very broad shoulders. His hair was dark, nearly black, wavy and there was a lot of it sweeping back from his face like a stylist had just finished coifing it to perfection. He was wearing a plaid, flannel shirt over a white thermal, the sleeves of the shirt rolled back to expose the thermal at his wrists and up his forearms. Faded jeans, thick socks on his feet and tanned skin stretched over a face that had such flawless bone structure, a blind person would be in throes of ecstasy if they got their fingers on him. Strong jaw and brow, defined cheekbones. Unbelievable."

*sigh* *yummy*

He's not so friendly though..
"Then he handed me my papers, walked to the front door, opened it and stood holding it, his eyes on me. I stood where I was then I looked out the floor to A-point windows at the swirling snow then I looked at the amazing but, I was tardily realizing, unfriendly man.
“I have a booking.” I told him.
“A booking,” I repeated then explained in American, “a reservation.”
“Yeah, Slim fucked up.”
I shook my head, the shakes were short and confused. “But I pre-paid two weeks.”
“Like I said, Slim fucked up.”

And Nina:
"It hadn’t happened in awhile but I was thinking I was getting angry. Then again, I’d just traveled for seventeen plus hours. I was in a different country in a different time zone. It was late, dark, snow was falling and the roads were treacherous. I had hundreds of dollars worth of groceries in my car, some of which would go bad if not refrigerated and hotels didn’t have refrigerators, at least not big refrigerators. And I was tired and I had a head cold coming on, so I could be forgiven for getting angry."

Yeah, I'd be pretty pissed too...

"He leaned close to me. “Listen, Duchess , it’s cold. It’s snowing. We’re both standin’ outside like idiots arguing over what you wanted in the first place. Come into the damned house. You can sleep on the couch.”
“I am not going to sleep on a couch.” Then my head jerked and I asked, “Duchess?”
“My couch is comfortable and beggars can’t be chosers.”
I let that slide and repeated, “Duchess?”
He threw his other hand out, his gaze drifting the length of me as he said, “Fancy-ass clothes, fancy-ass purse, fancy-ass boots, fancy-ass accent.” His eyes came to my face and he finished firmly. “Duchess.”"

Haha, awesome. And this (and more) is before 3%!

Highly recommended!