Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds - S.E. Jakes

**** 4 Mal and Cillian stars ****

Ohhhh, this was way too short! Damn S.E Jakes for this teaser. What an ending! This book is the first in a spinoff series from Hell or High Water where Mal and Cillian are secondary characters. 

I would recommend that you read the Hell or High Water series first, so you know what the heck is going on.

I also suggest that you read this before you read #3 Daylight Again from the Hell or High Water series. You could read it after too, but there's kind of a spoiler for Dirty Deeds in #3 Daylight Again. It's a secondary plot twist in Daylight Again, but a big ending plot twist in Dirty Deeds. In the end it doesn't really matter where you read the plot twist, but I think it will have greater "effect" if you read it in Dirty Deeds. The time lines are parallel to an extent with this two book. Dirty Deed came out before Daylight Again too.