Out Of Focus

Out Of Focus - L.A. Witt

**** 4,5 Rule of Third stars ****

"...we're as close to soulmates anyone can get. (...) Who's to say we only get one? What if you're min, I'm yours...and he's ours?"

Read 2013.
Reread August 2015.

I loved rereading this. I remember it left a lasting impression on me the first time I read it.

I loved all three characters, Dante, Ryan (nick name, Angel) and Jordan. The strong, tender love between Dante and Ryan (Angel). They're both Doms, so occasionally they take on a sub to have play sessions with so they get the submission they both crave. Enter Jordan and the UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) is through the roof! I love how Dante and Ryan met Jordan. I loved how Jordan reacted to Dante and Ryan. I loved the way Jordan grew and developed himself, and finally stood his ground with his ex who still lived with him. I mean, what the heck? I can't really understand what point the ex played in the plot, he could easily have been left out. The focus were on Jordan, Dante and Ryan.

The POV is first person and it alternates between all three characters. I really like that since I get to experience what all of them are feeling at the same time or in the same situation.

My absolute favorite scene was the first photo shoot in Dante and Ryan's studio. The build up was one of the most intense moments I've ever read. It seared itself into my mind the first time I read it and I still remember it two years later.

Nothing in the room was loud, but it was anything but quiet. The pop of the flash and the zing when it recycled. The snaå of the shutter. My heartbeat. My own slow, uneven breathing.
Snap. Pop. Zing. Heartbeat. Heartbeat. Heartbeat. Snap. Snap. Snap. Pop. Zing.
"Wait," Ryan said.
My hands froze, and I looked up, eyebrows raised.
"Slower," he said.
I moistened my lips, then continued unbuttoning my shirt, forcing my unsteady hands to work slowly.
Snap. Pop. Zing. Snap. Pop. Zing.
"Good, just like that," Ryan said softly. His approval sent a rush of...of something through my veins.
Snap. Pop. Zing. Snap. Pop. Zing.
Then came Ryan's voice, and with four words, he tilted the scales(...):
"Get on your knees."

Gaaaaah!!! Brilliant using a photo shoot as a stage for testing out dom/sub feelings. I looved the way the "sound affects" added to the tension.

I wouldn't call this a heavy bdsm book however. There's more of a dominance and submission theme. Dante and Ryan are dominant men who wants to dominate in the bedroom, and Jordan wants to submit and told what to do. There's some flogging and a scene with hot wax (which was, well.. hot). I would have liked a bit more build up in their scenes, though. They had a tendency to go straight for the sucking or fucking, which was hot, don't get me wrong, but sometimes less is more.

There was a short hard part to read when they started realizing they were developing feelings for each other. I felt for them all, and I was the more happy when the finally ended up together. The ending, or epilogue was so sweet.