Nowhere Ranch

Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan Audio review Sept 2015:

**** 4,5 Iggy Toma stars ****

Great story by Heidi Cullinan! Man, the stories and characters she creates. First time I read this book was in February 2014. Back then I couldn't decide if the book was about the kink with a bit of romance or a romance with a bit of kink. I felt it should have concentrated on either the kink or the romance and I gave it 3 stars. I think the story kind of matured for me, and perhaps my reading habits too during this year and a half. Now I feel they complete each other, the kink and the romance. "A bit of kink" is also the understatement of the year with this book. But the story is about so much more than that! Roe developed so much as a character during this book. His friend Haley played a big part as a secondary character too. The way the book ends, I couldn't have predicted when starting. And I really liked the end. I liked the way the story is written as if Roe is looking back at his life, he's telling the story of what happened after he started working at Nowhere Ranch and then the story finished of in the present. Loved it. No time jumps, mind you! 

Also, one of the reason this jump in rating is due to the fantastic narration by Iggy Toma! He's got the whole "cowboy drawl" down, and it add so much to the story. A fabulous portrait of Roe.

I actually had the old edition of Nowhere Ranch (published 2011), but I couldn't get audio whispersync downloaded with that one. I had to buy it all over again to get the whispersync, so I just got the audio book and figured I just read along with the narration. I quickly noticed that there had been a good deal of editing with the book with the new release and audio in 2015. Sentences being shortened or lengthened or dropped and so on. I couldn't quite follow along, so I just listened instead. The new-edited version (read by Toma) might also be a reason for my heightened enjoyment of this book.

I highly recommend this story and audio.

However, I also would recommend this not being your first Heidi Cullinan book. Try something else first, because Cullinan has her own "touch" with her stories and characters and how she, in some books, incorporates kink otherwise you might find this ride (pun very much intended!) to be too much. You might not see the romance (and story) for the kink. Like I did reading it the first time. Not seeing the forest for all the trees, as the saying goes. If you've wandered the MM forest for a while, though, you'll find the most beautiful clearing starting this book where Cullinan has created her Nowhere Ranch. She has a clearing for all of her books. They are amazing when you see them and get to experience her worlds.

Overall: 4,5
Performance: 5
Story: 5

Review Feb 2014:
Can't figure out if this book is about kinky sex with a bit of romance OR a romance with a bit of kinky sex... I feel like it tries to do both, but is unsuccessful. It should have focused on one or the other. It feels halfway..