Special Delivery review

Special Delivery - Iggy Toma, Heidi Cullinan

**** 4,5 lovely kinky stars ****

Audio edition, narrator Iggy Toma.
10 hours 9 minutes

Overall: 4,5
Performance: 5
Story: 4

I really enjoyed this kinky romance! I read the book two years ago, and did a re-read with the audio now.
Sam and Mitch are perfect for each other. But they need to figure it out first. Sam loves his kink, but he haven't quite figured it out at the start of the book. He loves a bit of humiliation, the feel of being used and slutty. That's his kink, but not who he is. He's sweet and lovable. Mitch is the trucker Sam stumbles upon in the alley behind his aunt and uncle's shop. Well, he does more than stumble. ;)
Sam gets into a tough spot at home, and he takes off with Mitch and Old Blue, his truck, on a road to self discovery.


I loved Sam growing as a character, finding his kink and owning it. Mitch is a gentle man, who's also older than Sam. Mitch is 33 and Sam is 21. Mitch have a kinky side too, and his biggest kink is voyeurism, he likes to watch, but also enjoys showing Sam the ropes, so to speak. 

Later in the book they meet Randy, Mitch's friend who he has fallen out of contact with. Now Randy's biggest kink is to fuck with your head. He's a keen people reader, and he enjoys finding and pushing everyone's buttons. Randy is quite the character, and the first time I read this book I didn't like him at all. This time around I did like him better, but he really is an ass (especially) to Sam when they first meet. But him being an ass does help Sam finding his limits. I read the free short story #1.5 Hooch and Cake, before writing this review, and it also helped me like Randy more. He really cares for his friends and is a nice guy, except his an asshole too. I'm looking forward to reading #2 Double Blind which is Randy's story, and getting to know him better.

Randy is essential to Mitch and Sam's relationship, though. Someone described him as an enzyme making two elements, Mitch and Sam, react with each other like they wouldn't have done without the enzyme present. That is precisely what Randy does. He makes Mitch and Sam better. He is their third, but it is Sam and Mitch who are the couple.

The ending is super sweet and romantic. Totally a Pretty Woman moment.

Iggy Toma did the narration, and he does so much justice to Heidi's kinky romances! He makes all the voices different for each character, and his dirty talk is off the charts. It reminded me a bit about Nowhere Ranch, since he also narrated that one. Kink meets kink equals hot, but also sweet and with feels.

Book and audio highly recommended, but brace for Randy. He'll grow in you, though, if you let him.