Not Knowing Jack

Not Knowing Jack - K.A. Mitchell I have read several of K.A. Mitchell's books, and have really enjoyed them. This book, not so much. It started well, the build up was good and I really liked Tony. But then the sh- stuff - hit the fan and it turned into some heavy reading (you'll get the shit/stuff joke if you read the book).

I haven't written a review before, so I read some for this book after I finished to get me going in how to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I came across a review by Hannah (dated Apr 28,2012) and it said everything I felt about it. I could have written it myself.

Here are some quotes. Please read her FULL review.

- "I started it with the assumption that it was a romance, but there was actually very little about it that could be considered romantic. Instead, Not Knowing Jack was a prolonged angst-fest with an uneasy HEA tacked onto the end."

- "The skeletons in Jack's closet end up hijacking the plot, diverting attention away from the romantic elements of the story and making for some pretty heavy reading."

- "So why did I give this book three stars instead of fewer? First, because Tony was a great character. He was worth reading about (...) Second, it really was well written. Even though I was expecting one of Mitchell's sexy romances instead of an uncomfortable drama, I had to admire her handling of the complex situations and emotions she was writing about. It was well done; it just wasn't what I wanted to read."

Remember, those were quotes from Hannah's review not my own words. She just nailed everything I wanted to say.

By the way, I read Not knowing Jack out of order. Not knowing Jack is #2 in the Ohio books series, and I didn't read #1 Regularly Scheduled Life (Sean and Kyle's story) first. Because I didn't know there was #1 and #2. I don't think it mattered very much, but they were secondary characters in this book. I don't think I'll be reading their book though. I want to read something else in stead.