A Younger Man

A Younger Man - Cameron Dane
***** 5 sweet love stars *****

I am so glad I chose to re-read this book! 

I can't find anything to fault this book, so 5 star it is, carrot and all. The characters, both main and secondary, the feelings, the sexual tension, the hotness, the love, the... everything!

I highly enjoyed it! It was sweet and hot and just....

"..the moment you touched me, the moment you looked at me so deeply, you woke me up inside and made me feel alive. I was hungry all of a sudden, when before that I hadn't really understood more than a vague, faraway desire for food. Only with you, not only did I feel the pangs, I wanted a feast. I wanted you. Once I realized what that meant, I knew I’d been asleep because I didn't need to be awake until I met you.” Zane took Noah’s face in his hands and lifted up until they were almost on eye level. “You’re my light and my warmth, Noah.” His lips came to rest against Noah’s with the softest kiss. “I want to be the same kind of safe shelter for you.”
Noah’s fingers tightened reflexively in Zane’s hair. “You are, honey,” he promised.