A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1)

A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1) - Keira Andrews

***** 5 Rumspringa stars *****


"The tighter they try to lock us away from the world, the more we wonder." 


So many questions fills this books, about life, about love, about yourself, about faith, about God. How to answer them all? 


"Didn't God create us equally?"


For our boys they at least found the answer to the most important ones:


For the first time he knew the answer. For the first time he said it outloud.

"I'm leaving"


"I love you Isaac. No matter what happens, I'll always love you."


This book was amazing.
If you read MM Romance you should without a doubt read this book. 

The author tells the tale of two Amish boys falling in love, and their tale is beautiful. The author tells this tale without any kind of judgement at all towards the Amish and their belief, which I greatly appreciated. Amish way of life, is Amish way of life. I don't judge someone for what they believe in or how they live their lives. I may disagree, but I'm not judging. 

In the fictional town of Zebulon, Minnesota, where the two MCs live, I didn't agree with the Swartzentrubers Amish beliefs or their way of life, where as they judge everything to be sinful if it is said so by their bishop. I don't believe it is God's will to follow one stupid, pardon my language, bishop's rules. But what do I know about the will of God? Which is kind of a point, how does anyone know God's will?

A truly wonderful book about two boys finding each other and exploring life, love and each other.

Highly, highly recommended!


"My little eechel." The endearment was nonsense--little acorn--- but Isaac's heart swelled.


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