Pick Up the Pieces (The Light in Your Eyes)

Pick Up the Pieces (The Light in Your Eyes) - Tinnean Annnnd I'm done!

I Buddy Read this book with Barbara and Isabel. Here's the discussion thread (spoiler free)

So, what did I think of it?

The book is about Theo. The first half of the book is about his life from he was thrown out by his father at 15 for being gay, until he meets Wills at age 27. The other half was of Theo and Wills' romance.

Although their romance was sweet, I felt something was... missing. I kept waiting for something to happen, thinking about the cover. Guy with a gun, all sneaky looking. But it didn't. Nothing really happened after Theo and Wills got together. For example since Theo and Wills met at the hospital after a friend was brutally beaten to an inch of his life, I expected a follow up on the aftermath of that. But no. It was just mention in passing that the perpetator was dead. Huh? Just like that. In passing.

The meeting between Theo and Wills at the hospital was hot. And afterwards in Theo's appartment. That was really beautiful. Theo and Wills were so good together, their reactions, and everything was written so well. This was my favorite part of the book. I hoped the rest was going to be like that, but I never felt that connection again. Sorry. The rest of the book consisted of Theo making dinner, preparing to make dinner or redecorating, kissing Wills goodbye, Wills going to work, coming home, kissing Theo, them kissing some more and then the books says "they had sex". After the beautiful scene when they first met? I wanted more of that! After the misunderstanding Wills had been away for work for a long time and Theo thinks Wills doesn't want him anymore, gets drunk and leaves Wills a message saying they are through I would have thought they making up would been sweet and beautiful, like the first scene. But no.

"Wills had given me a blow job to top all blow jobs, attempting to suck my brains out through my dick."

"Wills hadn’t come, though. He’d turned me around, careful not to upset my stomach, bent me over, and fucked me until we’d actually run out of hot water."

That's is. The whole make up scene. Oh no wait, there's a bit more..

"Vince had been pleased with the job Wills had done, and as a reward, he’d given him the day off. We took advantage of it to have lots of make-up sex. But we knew Wills had work the next day. I’d have to make him a quick breakfast in order for him to go home, change into one of his nothing-special suits, and get to work."

So, "they had lots of make up sex", Theo cooks and Wills goes to work. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Ugh, I sound really negative and cynical aren't I? Sorry, I'm really not. So why did I rate it 3 stars=I liked it? First, the first part with Theo's life was a great read, although uncomfortable sometimes. He had a tough life, but he made the most of it. And what an accomplishment going so far even though he had to lead a life like he did. Very strong indeed. Reading about Paul, Tim and the rest of the boys was really good. The meeting between Theo and Wills was hot and the rest of the story is about their romance which was sweet. It felt good that Theo found Wills and love. Go, Theo! *huge smile*

But the BIG shocker was that this book is actually a spin off from the series Spy vs Spook where Theo and Wills is secondary characters. So Pick up the Pieces is telling the story where they meet. Whaaat?! I didn't know this before I read some of the reviews before starting my own. The Spy vs Spook is a serie with Marc Vincent as the MC. Whaaat?! Knowing this, it shed a whole new light on this book. Pick up the pieces is a "backstory" book. Now I get the book. If I had read the Spy vs Spook series first and got to know the characters I think I would have enjoyed this book more. I will recommend reading the series first and then this book. Is says it's a stand alond, but I think you will care more for the characters knowing where they come from.