Heart of the Race

Heart of the Race - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay, Dreamspinner Press LLC *** 3 racy stars ***

Audio edition, narrator Greg Tremblay.
2 hours 5 minutes

Overall: 3
Performance: 5
Story: 3

A sweet audio shorty in true Mary Calmes fashion. The plot points don't really make sense, or they kinda do in Calmes. You just have to go along with them. 

Varro and Brian has been friends forever. Ever since Brian watched Varro drive down the roof of Varro's house and crash into a tree (!). Apparently Varro was chasing the adrenaline kick very early on. Brian is a foster kid, and Varro's mother takes him in to live with her and Varro and his brother Nico. They all grow up together. Brian is gay and comes out to them early on and everyone is fine with it. Brian have fallen in love with Varro, though, and is carrying a huge torch for his best friend slash foster brother. Brian loves Varro so much that it's becoming painful to stay with him, and also painful to watch Varro race and gamble with his life over and over again. Brian knows that Varro has his heart, but where does Varro's heart lay?

As always, I liked this more because of Tremblay's narration. He is excellent, and he gives such life to the characters through his voice that I can't but help feel the characters. And I'm a sucker for happy ending when it's a long time coming.