All Kinds of Tied Down

All Kinds of Tied Down - Mary Calmes
**** 4 stars ****

"He inhaled sharply. "I want to be held down by someone who could actually hurt me---"
"And?" I pried, needing more from him because it was important, because it would ground both of us.
"---but never would."
It was me, only me, and we both know it."

I really liked this! There was all kinds of things happening here! Law enforcement hard at work, in more ways that one, pun totally intended. 

Two hot guys in uniform.. (they had uniforms, right? Right? Well, maybe not, but still..)

.. in explosions and gun fights..

.. another kind of "gun" fight..

The story about the two Deputy US Marshals Miro and Ian are very entertaining! But it's also, story wise, all over the place. Why am I suddenly reading about Miro's pack of hens girl friends when Ian is off doing god knows what? There were all kinds of uninteresting things happening, which diluted the story, in my personal opinion. Hence the lowered rating.

This was still a good read, and I recommend it. The story with the sweet, young couple Drake and Calbot at the end bumped the rating up to 4, because why not? I'll forgive Calmes story meandering.
I'm hoping very much that I'll get to see more of Miro and Ian's dynamic in #2.