Everything Changes

Everything Changes - Melanie Backe-Hansen    

*** 3,5 good and not so good stars ***

!!! Spoilerish review !!!

- friends to lovers
- sexual attraction and tension
- the writing, excellent!
- great characters, loved Jase and Carey
- their conversations and talking about their feelings
- Jase's love for Carey. I love when one character is pining for the other and their biggest wish comes true.
- Jase and the band, his singing since he loved it so much
- the small glimpses of flashbacks. 

Not so good
- when they finally got together after so much leading up to it, it was more like "Boom!" than "BOOM!". I liked "Boom!", but would have preferred "BOOM!" due to UST
- they fell into a very easy pattern with each other. So natural, almost too easy. 
- Carey then just leaves when he has had these strong feelings
- Jase's too long flashback! It disrupted my reading flow. The glimpses before this long flashback were okay, because they were just that, glimpses.
- Casey staying away too long and failing to keep in touch (poor Jase. *sniff*)
- Casey "dating" that woman (I can't even remember her name). A few words from her and he suddenly "saw the light" and the error of his actions.
- ending was way too rushed. Past 90% and they still weren't back together? Anticlimatic and unsatisfactory. 
- dirty talk out of the blue with the last sex scene. I mean, really? "Slut"? If I'd seen more of the dirty talk earlier it would have fitted more. This just came out of nowhere.
- epilogue jumps one year in time. They're happy, but the last year just summed up from 97-100? Rushed.

Favorite quote:
"I've had sex with men, I've had sex with women. I've never felt like this about a man before either, so do I call myself gay because I've fallen in love with you? I feel this way about you because you're... you. Not because of the parts you have. It's just you, Carey. It's everything about you. Why do we need to label that as something or other? Why can't it just be Jase in love with Carey? Me in love with you?"

Buddy Read with Teo! Thanks, hon!