A Way Home (Gay Amish Romance Book 3)

A Way Home (Gay Amish Romance Book 3) - Keira Andrews

***** 5 finding home stars *****

Yes, I liked this a bit better than #2.

This was like returning to the first, but at the same time different. It has been a perfect evolving of this series. Isaac and David were so innocent in the first book, learning the difficulty and challenges of life in the second book, and finally realizing and finding their footing, their home in this one. They made hard decisions, but they had to be made. I'm proud of the boys, having come so far.

I just finished, but I'm already looking forward to returning and re-reading the series!

Highly recommended!

He whispered, "I can't wait to see the mountains."
"And the ocean again. Isaac, let's see everything. Let's ride all the trains."
Isaac tore his gaze from the window and watched David-- beautiful and brave, and his. David smiled at him in the moonlight. They kissed, and then turned back to the world and the way home.

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