Beauty And The Bookworm

Beauty And The Bookworm - Nick Pageant ****4 Cardigan clad stars****

That silly grin you just got from that GIF? That's the expression you'll have through out this sweet and fun book. I loved it. A light and fluffy read.

Mason was adorable.
"I was one sexy, cardigan-clad HoMoFo."

Shane had a jockstrap. 'Nuff said...

I didn't like Twyla though. I like sass, but I must have love with the sassiness. A character can say and act like she did, but then she should show her love or "worthiness" of being a friend to the MC. All I felt in this instance was just sass, and no or little care for Masin. In my opinion.

The grandmother was a bit over the top, but it worked ;)

The boxing lesson scene was hilarious! LOL! Safeword! Hahahaha!

And Moby Dick. ROFL!!

Check out the quotes from the book. There were so many great ones!
“Thanks for the penis, God. I don’t have the balls to be a woman.”

Awesome, Nick!