The Hot Floor

The Hot Floor - Josephine Myles “Oh my God, they’re at it again. They’re like bloody clockwork. I could set my watch by them.” Denise scowled at the ceiling of her living room, and I did my best to look uninterested in the sounds that were pounding down through the bedsprings, floorboards and plaster. The sounds of two horny men humping each other senseless.
“We could swap flats, if you like. You can hardly hear them from the top floor.” Even if you lay with your ear pressed to the floorboards. Believe me, I’d tried. Why else would I choose that precise time to head down for a drink at Denise’s every evening?"

*snickers* This is how this book starts. It definitely made me want to read further!

It was a very enjoyable read. I really liked all three MCs, Josh, Evan and Rai. They each got their own personality and got me charmed. Maybe because they're British. They seemed real to me and not cheesy, polished or cliché. The secondary characters were great as well, his boss and glassblowing mentor Liam, his girl friend Denise and Stella the old lady downstairs.

Lots of funny AND hot moments in this story.

When the blurb says "when a naked Josh falls - quite literally - into one of Rai and Evan’s marathon sex sessions", I didn't anticipate HOW literally he falls! sitting in his bath tub wanking, the floor gives away due to rot and the whole tub with him in it drops through the floor to Rai and Evans bathroom on the floor below Hahaha, the most hilarious moment ever. Even more hilarious when depicting Evan...

"dressed in his blue overalls. He looked just like he did when he got back from a day’s work— all except for the way his massive erection stuck out of the open buttons at the crotch. I couldn’t stop staring."

OMG! Hahaha! And Rai...

“Ev-annn!” Rai whined. “What’s going on in there? Come and untie me!”

And there's more, but I'll let you find out for youself.

Okay, one more then. From Rai showing his uh.. charming personality. ;)

“Sometimes the little brain knows best,” Rai said, mock-serious. “I always try to listen to mine.”
“Aye, well , yours talks a mile a minute, pet. I’m surprised you haven’t gone deaf.” (Evan)
“It’s blind, sweetheart. Wanking makes you go blind. Hence the glasses. Clearly you’re not doing it right, if you’ve still got twenty-twenty vision.”

Highly enjoyable. Highly recommended.