The Imperfection of Swans

The Imperfection of Swans - Brandon Witt

***** 5 for Kevin stars *****

....for the extra push that I feel in reading this great compilation of words and emotions.
Onwards. Upward, Heartward.

Soo, I'm going to be unpopular and popular and selfish and selfless in one small review.

Throughout this book my mental rating hovered around 3 to 4 stars. That's not a bad rating at all, since 3 means "I liked it" and 4 means "I loved it". If I'm being brutally honest, though, it was closer to a 3. 
I liked it. It was powerful, emotional, angsty and a great piece of literature. Most of all, important due to its topic.
I had my issues with it, though, from a pure book reading point of view, hence the hovering mental rating.

Why 5 stars then?
Well, there was a note from the real Kevin at the end of the book.
THAT really got to me. 
So, I'm giving all my 5 stars to you, Kevin. Without you this book would not be. 

May you always shine bright.
Thank you.