Review: Red Dirt Heart 2

Red Dirt Heart 2 (Red Dirt Heart Series) - N.R. Walker

Update reread June 2016:

Just as good the second time around!

               ***** 5 kangaroo stars *****



Original review April 2014:

             **** 4 Charlie and Travis stars ****

This really was a book about them, Charlie and Travis and how their relationship has developed since I last "saw" them.

For a lack of better description; they are frikking adorable!!

I don't think they would like that description themselves, but I find they totally are.

This book is filled to the brim with funny and sweet and well, adorable moments, both small and big. There was a huge mature and grown-up thing at the end too, Charlie, I'm so proud of you!

The station and the desert are as present in this one as the previous. *happy sigh*

As Travis said: "Red dirt, blue sky."

I didn't find the book much angsty, I just knew in my gut that everything would work out. Although it was painful to "watch" both Charlie and Travis struggle with the waiting.

I'm much looking forward to the release of #3! 

Copied from N.R Walker's blog:

"About the covers"

It wasn’t intentional, and it really wasn’t until I was asked in an interview about these covers, that I made the connection. But each cover is significant in how it relates to the desert, the seasons and of course, how it relates to Charlie Sutton. Throughout these books, we know the desert runs though Charlie’s veins. We know the desert is like a secondary character, and how Charlie lives and grows with each season.

Red Dirt Heart 1’s cover is very solitary, just like Charlie. A tree without growth, a single hat. Charlie was surviving in the desert, but wouldn’t call it ‘living’. It’s summer, scorching hot, barren and unforgiving. Just like Charlie.

Red Dirt Heart 2’s cover is all about Charlie. The colours are Outback red and shows the inclusion of Travis with the second hat. From Autumn to winter, things have cooled on Sutton Station in more ways than one. But as Charlie knows too well, these seasons are where the earth takes a moment to regroup before the promise of new life.

Red Dirt Heart 3’s cover is about growth and standing on your own two feet. Spring is where life flourishes, changes and grows. There is a distinct circle of life in RDH3 and how Charlie, like the desert, grows.