Taking Chances

Taking Chances - John  Goode **** 3 stars + 1 star for foreword and postscript equals --> 4 stars ****

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Ah, Mel my friend. I could just copy-paste your whole review here! :D
You have put my thoughts into words. So please click and read Mel's review.

That being said, I had a few issues with the story which made me rate it 3 stars.
I'm sorry to say I didn't like Taking Chances as much as the Tales from Foster High series. However, the foreword and postscript is worth an additional star, making a total of 4 stars. :)

The first half of the book I enjoyed very much, with the flashbacks and everything.

The adult Matt and Tyler however, was not very likable. I found both their behavior almost childish in a way. By that I mean the running away and "hiding"/sulking instead of facing each other. A whole lot of their problems would have solved themselves if they had just opened their mouths and talked. (That's kind of universal, isn't it? AND easier said than done, I know.) And don't get me started on Tyler running away from witnessing that hit-and-run. His friend dammit! *beyond shocked*.

At the same time, I understand that the whole point was that they had issues because they grew up hiding who they really were and being terrified of someone finding out, and of course that had an impact of who they became.

BUT, I cannot help comparing Matt and Tyler to Brad and Kyle from the Tales From Foster High series. Brad and Kyle acts much more mature even though they are "just" teenagers! One of the reason I like the series so much is that even though they have problems, they talk. Especially Kyle, who stood up for himself again and again even being terrified while doing it. Sigh, I love Kyle and the way he is. Brad is great too, but I don't think he would be that great if Kyle hadn't been such an amazing character. But I digress...

New Year's Eve... Sophia was absolutely horrible! (Not just that night even, but through out the whole book). What also irritated me was why Matt didn't say or do anything to stop her! Even though he was pissed off at Tyler he didn't like the way Sophia behaved herself either. She just kept going, and was "allowed" to do so. It irritated me that Tyler just walked away too. Why didn't he just talk to Matt? Because Tyler didn't talk to him, he just told Matt I'm leaving and left. Why punish Matt because his so-called friend (and boyfriend) was being all kinds of nasty? It wasn't Matt behaving like that, it was Sophia and Whatshisname. How about say no to the friend and yes to Matt, eh?

And Matt.. It also pissed me off he didn't do anything to stop Tyler leaving. Matt just stayed. With Sophia. After everything she had done and said that night! Matt did in fact lay into Sophia, but it was too late wasn't it, since the damage had already been done. So why didn't Matt go after Tyler or call him or something? It was all kinds of frustrating. .

I also didn't like Linda. Which is maybe the point too. It was confusing reading about her being Tyler's BFF and at the same time being a shitty mom to Kyle. How about being a little bit less BFF and more of a mother? Jesus f'ing Christ! Drinking and doing drugs, leaving the "left overs" in the living room for her seventeen year old son (or should I say involuntary care-taker?) to find? Having done so most of his life? I can't even express who ill that makes me feel. I have two kids of my own and I can't.... I can't even fathom! O.O

However! The end though.
Tyler made the biggest of statements. :D
In heartbreaking circumstances. (*sniff*)

"They are our kids, and shouldn't that be enough for us to let them be who they want to be? (...)
They get it from us. We are the ones with the problem and we pass it along to them. If there is going to be a solution, it needs to come from us. How many more kids needs to kill themselves before we realize that something needs to change around here?"


So, so true! Foster definitely needs a Wind of Change (or hurricane or tornado or something)

Thanks for the Buddy Read guys, I finished in the end too! :P