Summer Fever

Summer Fever - T.T. Kove ** 2,5 so-much-potential stars ***

This story had so much potential!

I have read English books exclusively for a long time now, so much so it's become second nature reading English. When I'm reading an English book my "mindset" turns English. I read and understand the writing in English. I don't read the English words, translate them in my head to Norwegian and then understand them. I read the English in an "English mindset". When I read Norwegian I read it with a Norwegian mindset (obviously).

This book though, it feels like the English is written with a Norwegian mindset. Being a native Norwegian speaker I can "hear" the Norwegian behind the writing. I feel it's written in Norwegian and then translated into English.

Let me give you an example.

Axel is thanking Folke for letting him come to his cabin and stay. Folke responds: "It's nothing to thank me for." Now this is what I would have said in Norwegian. Word for word. It's an expression we have, a common saying. In English, though, I believe the saying is "Don't mention it." The meaning is the same, but there are different sayings in Norwegian and English. This is Norwegian-English, not English in my opinion.

So, I felt like I was reading a Norwegian book, but in English. I believe this confuses the over-all reader, and makes the writing, dialogue and so on feel off.

In my opinion there are a lot of situations that confuses the reader and throws the reader off track. A story should include the reader and get him or her involved in the story. I believe that mentioning Danes usually sounds like that they had a "potato stuck down their throat" confuses the reader. I get it, but I'm Norwegian! It's a common saying here. Beyond the borders though, it doesn't make sense at all! "Know thy audience"

Another unnecessarily scene was about the viper bite and the anti-venom at the hospital. The first point being that snakes in Norway are not venomous! Axel was having an allergic reaction to the venom however and that's something entirely different. That's why he needed the anti-venom. I don't think I've ever
read about costs being discussed while the patient is under treatment in a story. I really don't think it works that way! I don't believe for a second that a nineteen year old would die in (this case) a Norwegian hospital due to the lack of administering anti-venom to an allergic reaction. No way, Norway! That won't happen. It can't be like this, or I will move! *pouts* (there are plenty of you to take me in, right? I can couch surf all over the world! Oh, wow! *starry eyes* What an intriguing thought. But I digress...) Still, this whole scene totally throws the reader off the story in my opinion. And once that's done, it's difficult to get attached to the story.

What follows the scene at the hospital is even worse in my opinion. That first sex scene? That was WAY to fast and came out of NOWHERE! Having this scene later in the book may have been fine, but NOT as the first. *shudders* Some of the other sex scene were much better. Their first time together should have been better. I wish the whole story could have played out in the cabin. With sexual tension and first touches and such. I love that stuff! Didn't like the kissing and having sex for the first time with out any build up at all.

Anyway, the story progressed and it was not so bad. I get why some reacted at certain points. But the potential was there.

Including an abusive and horrible ex-boyfriend did not make the story better. I feel the story is too short for it to have been included in my opinion. I wished he could have been left out. And the scene in the kitchen with Axel's mother standing behind the door? Worst effing mother of the year!

In conclusion. Lots of potential! But too much crammed into a short story. And know your audience for which the story is written for. It was hard to stay objective after everyone's updates, reactions and reviews. I tried my best, though.

Complimentary copy given by the author for an honest review.


A few words about our Buddy Read.
Wow, guys! You really were amazing coming together answering my call. I am floored by your response! You almost came out of the woodwork to join me. I mean, almost 30 people?! It really warmed my heart to see that kind of response from you. I'm almost speechless! (at self: yeah right, because your review is so short, silly)

I love you all so much! Much more that you'll ever know. You all make my day over and over again.

And this certainly was epic. Not what I was hoping for though. I am sad about that.